Added Value: Karuna by Kumaranasaan

Karuna (Poem) by David Bruce Hughes (Gaurahari Dāsānudās Bābājī)

With every setting of the sun
Another day is gone and done.
Your lifetime quickly slipping by
And don’t you ever wonder why?

This earthly life is incomplete
When you just struggle to compete
For evanescent benefit
Within a swirling money pit

Where fortune comes and goes so fast
The future soon becomes the past
And you are left to contemplate
Your ruined life and lost estate

As death approaches you to take
You to the destiny you’ve earned
And leave this form to decorate
The funeral bier as it is burned.

Then will you think, then will you see
This life’s lost opportunity?
You could have lived as spirit soul
Before time took its fearful toll

You could have cultured perfect love
And known your perfect body too
Eternity could be your home
The Truth a friend to comfort you.

But why live only to lament
A forlorn life of lust and lies?
When you can start right now, today
To hear the teachings of the wise?


Daily Documentary – Friday


For the last day, we have saved a collection of the must-watch documentaries on YouTube. Of course, this might be disputed, but they are very diverse and shed light on very different aspects. And of course, there are not 10,  but 13 of them.

Here is the link.

Daily Documentary – Thursday

Flag of Germany
Flag of Germany

It seems that it is an easy thing to change from one direction to the next, in particular when people think that the new direction is better than the old one.

However, when it comes to communist Germany and its capitalistic counterpart, numbers reveal that the history sits very deep. Somehow, communism is still alive there. One can only speculate about the lifetime of the communist ideas in the other countries, where the connection to capitalist ideas is rather weak. Maybe we head for a long transition period even when the formalities are settled.

Check the numbers here.